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Adios [ 2.17.06 at 8pm ]

I have like no time for these communities anymore so I am leaving those in which there isn't much participation in.It was fun while it lasted,so long!!!!!!!
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STAMPED // leaving [ 1.20.06 at 1am ]

sorry guys... i just don't have time for communities anymore with school and everything.

so it's not text only Collapse )
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MOD // Contest Ending [ 1.17.06 at 8pm ]
That's right, tomorrow is the LAST DAY! I expect someone to participate. >_>
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MOD // Wakey Wakey [ 1.10.06 at 1pm ]

[ mood | rushed ]

You need to be active people! I've already posted a contest for ya'll, sadly I forgot to set an end date for the contest, so I'll do it now.
The contest will end January 18th! That gives you about a week to participate in the contest.

In other personal news, I'm getting married March 11th :D Yay!

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MOD // Alive [ 1.7.06 at 3pm ]

That's right! I've finally returned at last! I now have wireless internet as well, so it is a bit odd getting used to it. I still have problems with sending e-mails, but hopefully I'll get that fixed soon, other than that, my computer is just being a bastard and being slow.

Apparently since I've been gone, there has been no activity whatsoever, bad members! XD

Here is a contest for everyone of our lovely members!

You can already guess what this contest is, you've got to promote this community insanely. Here are the rules to this contest.

(01) You can not promote in; same community multiple times, your personal livejournal, friends only posts, or post a comment with the promo.
(02) When you do promote, please make sure you save the post address (not the address to the community/site/whatever where you promoted). It must be the specific post!
(03) You can promote however you like as long as it's positive about the community (dur). So if you want to make graphics, go for it! Just please make sure that you have an actual link to our community.

The Prize

You ready for this? You sure? The person who promotes the most and in different communities (not just promo communities) will recieve the prize of:

Gaining Moderator Status

That's correct, you promo-whore, you may just become the next Mod for this community. Pretty sweet huh? I hope everyone decides to join in on the contest!
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MOD // Community Update [ 12.30.05 at 11am ]
As you've probably already noticed, I have posted the beginning list of the accepted members. That entry is linked in the info page under the community section. So, if anyone joins and never applies and just lurks, notify a mod so they will be removed from the community. I hate lurkers!

Anywho, onto other things, since we are at almost 10 members now (yay!) I am going to take off the auto-accept on all applications. That means for you, all our lovely members, get to now vote on all applications from now on! Please refer to the rules if you don't know how to vote (which isn't very difficult).

Now then, 2 more things left to say!

I will also be allowing another Mod in the community. So if you are interested in becoming a cutedork community mod (which means you do have to moderate the community, you can't sit on your ass) go ahead and comment on this post and explain why you would be a good choice for a Mod. I already sort of had some one in mind from here, but we shall see if this person is interested.
( by the way, firggin_skills_, I need a picture of you to post as your Mod picture in the info section. XD )

And now onto the final part of this post!

Tomorrow (around noon probably) will be my official computer packed moving day! Meaning, I will be unable to reply to any comments or posts for who knows how long. It may take a day or two to get my new room and interet connected to my computer. So if I don't reply within a few days time, you'll know why!

Have an awesome New Year!
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application. [ 12.29.05 at 8pm ]

[ mood | dorky ]

i am a banana.Collapse )

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Application! [ 12.29.05 at 8pm ]

I am a pickle, I mean, b-a-n-a-n-aCollapse )
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[ 12.29.05 at 8pm ]

I'mCollapse )
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Accepted Members List [ 12.29.05 at 3pm ]
The ListCollapse )
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MOD // Lava Lamps [ 12.29.05 at 2pm ]
So yeah, I got bored and used my digital camera with the flash off and set it to night and got some pretty cool pictures. These aren't shopped at all except size wise. XD

Green Lava LampCollapse )
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STAMPED//PICTURES [ 12.27.05 at 8pm ]

just stopping in to say hello. we need to get some activity going on here!
here's some pictures!
random ones off the computerCollapse )
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MOD // Moving [ 12.27.05 at 2pm ]

I will be busy moving this week, which means my computer will be soon packed up and it may be a week or so till I get situated in my new room. This doesn't mean that people can not apply, we do have another Mod. *pokes are frigginskills* That means you d00d. Bwahahaah!

We are still on auto-accept as well (on most applications). So go ahead and promote you silly people!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Years. I'll take pictures of some fireworks since I will be a pyro and setting off as many possible. :D
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Application [ 12.26.05 at 7pm ]

I'm a bananaCollapse )
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STAMPED // photos [ 12.24.05 at 12am ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Merry Christmas!Collapse )
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STAMPED [ 12.21.05 at 7pm ]

I was bored so i did some promoting... proof us under the cut

& the coastline is clearCollapse )
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Returned [ 12.20.05 at 2am ]

I'm back from CA with a new USCG shirt I ganked from my fiance :D
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I am a banana! [ 12.15.05 at 12am ]

[ mood | blah ]

New application for the newly improved commCollapse )

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do I put stamped here?? stamped // no subject [ 12.14.05 at 11pm ]

[ mood | blah ]

I'm not sure why I wasn't previously a member - I posted my application awhile ago, I must have un-joined myself at some point.. sorry! ;_;


Hello to the newbies! And hello again to the mods! I hope to spend a bit more time in here and maybe bring along a few friends. :)

Just a note, to you new dorks that don't know what 42 is.. You have a trilogy(series!) of books to read.. BEFORE you see the movie, damnit! *shakes fist*

On a more dorky note, I finally have a PS again. Weee! I've been playing DDR Konamix and Chrono Cross a lot lately, along with the occasional few minutes on Fallout 2 on the computer.

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Application [ 12.14.05 at 10pm ]

i am a bananaCollapse )
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